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 Black Saints – September


Blessed Ghebre Mikha'el


Ethiopian priest and martyr, September 2

St. Donatian and Companions


Martyrs, six Bishops of the Ecclesiatical province of Byzaccne (present day Tunisia and Algeria); killed for their faith by the Arian Vandals, September 6

St. Nemesia and Companions


9 Bishops, several deacons and lay persons who died in a marble quarry in North Africa, September 10

St. Maurice and his Theban Legion (from Egypt)


Martyrs, who were killed at Agauno, Switzerland for refusing to sacrifice to pagan divinities, September 22

St. Matthew

1st Cent

Apostle and Evangelist. According to one ancient tradition, he was the first evangelizer of Nubia (modern Sudan), September 21

St. Raissa

c. 300

Virgin and martyr from Alexandria, September 22